Dr. Janet Childs

Since 1970, Janet Childs has been actively providing crisis intervention counseling and education focusing on the dynamics of loss, illness, crisis, stress and grief.

As a founding member of the Centre for Living with Dying, Janet has participated in the growth of this organization, and has worked with thousands of individuals, groups and professionals on the front lines. The Centre is an international bereavement counseling service - the most comprehensive of its kind in the country.

She presently oversees the educational programs and directs the Bay Area Critical Incident Stress Management Team. She has personally facilitated response to many major critical incidents such as 9-11, Hurricane Katrina and local incidents in California.

She has offered POST Certified Training for public safety personnel as well as provided training for nurses, social workers and other first responders/ law enforcement professionals. She is on the Leadership Team of CADRE (Collaborating Agencies Disaster Relief Effort).

Dr. Childs brings over 45 years of experience in counseling, crisis intervention, volunteer management and training development.
Janet Childs

Janet Childs